Pichai says some employees have to share desks and offices

Further, the report states that Pichai has specifically indicated that there are many people across the globe coming to the office in hybrid modes, like coming two days a week which (naked url) he said are making insufficient use of the current space.

Further Google CEO also said that “We should be good stewards of financial resources. We have expensive real estate. And if they’re only utilized 30 per cent of the time, we have to be careful in how we think about it.”

On the other hand, Google after laying off employees in India is now laying off employees in China. In China, all the senior executives and high-paid workers are part of the layoffs.

The main aim of the firm is to reset the salary structure and reduce operating costs while improving productivity and work efficiency as per the report.

Furthermore, the compensations include an annual leave discount and $4k in cash and medical insurance and these benefits can be taken by signing the agreement of leaving the firm before March 10.

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