How Pet Insurance Can Protect Your Finances

Your furry family member, Maggie, eats a piece of chocolate, accidentally. You know chocolate isn’t safe for dogs, so you rush her to the vet.

Many tests, treatments, and workups later, you finally go home with Maggie—along with a vet bill for $1,565. That’s a real-life story that happened to Maggie’s pet parents. Fortunately, they had MetLife Pet Insurance,1 which covered more than 80 percent of the cost for Maggie’s care (read their story in the “Claim Tales” section on, a MetLife company).2

That’s a happy ending—but what if it happened to you and you didn’t have pet insurance? Would you be financially prepared for that unexpected expense? That’s where pet insurance can help—by offering financial protection toward the health of your furry family members. And with the recent uptick in pet adoption during the pandemic, it’s as good a time as any to sign up for a pet insurance plan.

How does pet insurance work?
Think of pet insurance like car insurance: In exchange for a monthly premium, the plan will reimburse you for certain covered expenses after you reach a deductible. But just like you still must pay for oil changes or other maintenance for your vehicle, you must also pay for expected pet care costs, like grooming and food.

Also, like auto insurance, you can customize your plan based on several factors—such as the pet’s breed, age, and your desired deductible. You can even add a rider to your plan to help cover routine care, like vaccines, teeth cleanings, and heartworm preventives. It’s easy to get reimbursed for vet care. Here’s how the process works:

Pay a monthly premium,3 starting as low as $9 for a cat and $15 for a dog through MetLife Pet Insurance.
See any licensed vet in the United States—there’s no need to worry about vet networks.
Submit your claim and get reimbursed for eligible vet expenses. How much you get reimbursed depends on the plan you pick; some plans cover up to 100 percent of your total vet bill.

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